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Revolutionary new airline seat increases passengers’ living space, and reduces boarding time

Denver, Colorado, 27 September, 2015: MolonLabe Designs LLC introduces the Side-Slip Seat. Aninnovative,slim-line economy airline seat designed for the Low Cost and Short-Haul airline market.

The unique staggered design of the Side-Slip Seat offers passengers more living space:both in their seats and in the aisle.

The Side-Slip Seat is designed to permit the aisle seat to slide over the middle seat during aircraft loading and unloading, creating a 41” wide aisle, more than twice as wide as the standard 19” aisle. This permits faster passenger loading/unloading, so aircraft can spend less time on the ground wasting fuel and more time in the air generating revenue.

Airlines choosing the Side-Slip Seat will improve the passenger experience, be more eco-friendly by using less fuel and increase their profits. Passengers, Planet, Profit.


Living Space:
The innovative staggered design was developed by moving the middle seat down and back slightly while the aisle and window seats moved up and forward slightly. This creates a 20”wide middle seat whilst the aisle and window seat maintain their standard 18” width.
The staggered design also providesincreased living space for everyone, as passengers shoulders, elbows and thighs are no longer directly adjacent but are offset both vertically and fore/aft.

Wider Aisles:
The Side-Slip Seat opens the aisle up from a standard 20” to 42” wide to expedite passenger loading and unloading. The sliding seat is activated by passengers or flight attendants with a simple, one-touch button.

Elbow Wars:
The two level design of the Side-Slip Seats armrest delineates the armrest for each passenger.No more fighting for your own piece of armrest.

Wheelchair Access
No more sky-chairs. The Side-Slip Seat offers an aisle wide enough to permit a full-sized wheelchair down the aisle eliminating the use of sky-chairs and giving passengers of restricted mobility more maneuvering space to get to their seats.


Less Wasted Fuel
The Side-Slip Seat provides a wider aisle leading to faster turnarounds. Less time spent loading on the ground results in less fuelwasted powering essential services like air-conditioning and lighting.

The Side-Slip Seat is available with an option for recyclable, breathable cushions and and eco-friendly, durable E-Leather® covers.This durable material is well suited for the rigors of the airline industry.


The slowest part of a low cost airline turnaround is the time it takes to load/unload passengers. By offering an aisle more that twice as wide as the standard 20” aisle the Side-Slip Seat permits much faster passenger loading.
A comparative analysis of boarding with and without the Side-Slip Seat can be seen here:
Fleet Utilization
Saving 10-15 minutes per turnaroundseveral times per day will increase an airlines fleet utilization, permitting airlines to increase their fleet utilization and add an additional flight per day.
More efficient loading also offers airlines better on-time performance.
The official unveiling of the Side-Slip Seat will take place at the Low Cost Carrier Congress in London Sept 15-16.

The Side-Slip Seat is currently completing FAA Certification and durability testing at Wichita State University’s National Institute of Aviation Research. Deliveries expected mid-2016.

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