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Top 5 issues putting aircraft parts suppliers off greater profit

In the nearest future the rapidly evolving regions, such as China, India and Russia are expected to experience the highest demand in aircraft and the MRO markets. However, the Northern American and the Western European investors are reluctant to expand their businesses to the areas. Such disinclination is based on different business prerequisites, cultural barriers, … Continue reading »

NRC helps Aircraft Manufacturers Reduce Airframe and Landing Gear Noise

Ottawa: The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has commissioned a wind tunnel to help aircraft manufacturers measure the noise levels generated by aircraft landing gear. Unique in Canada, this facility will help airline manufacturers meet internationally accepted and ever more stringent noise standards. In Ottawa, one of the eight wind tunnels operated by NRC … Continue reading » sky is not too high for ambitious female pilots

Although aviation industry employs many women men still tend to dominate in the pilot market. With the air transportation becoming more intensive and the growing need to eliminate schedule disruptions airlines pay attention not only to retraining the existing pilots and addressing young cadets but also to women pilots, noticed Since the first license … Continue reading »

Baltic Aviation Academy Approved to Provide Airbus A330/340 Training

Aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy (Lithuania) expanded its capabilities by adding Airbus A330/A340 type rating trainings to the list of provided training programmes. Baltic Aviation Academy continues expansion program for 2010 – 2011 by training pilots for the most popular aircraft types in the market. On October, 2011 Lithuanian Civil Aviation Administration has issued … Continue reading »