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Infiniti Software Solutions ties up with global travel tech giant, Sabre for group revenue management

Chennai, 26 September, 2015: Amidst a raging debate about whether or not India has the abilities to produce world-class software products, a Chennai –based travel technology firm has bagged an enviable partnership with global industry giant Sabre solely on the strength of its innovations.

Infiniti Software Solutions, started in 2005 and headed by IIT alumnus Ananth Narasimhan, has entered into an agreement with Sabre to cater to the latter’s present and prospective global clientele. Under the strategic agreement, Sabre will leverage Infiniti’s flagship software for group revenue management to further automate and expand capabilities within the Sabre AirVision Commercial Planning suite.

Infiniti’s group revenue management solution, GroupRM, allows airlines to efficiently manage group requisitions, pricing, negotiations, payment and fulfillment through a single and simple web-based interface. The robust and configurable tool also facilitates optimization of group revenue management across all revenue streams including fares, ancillaries and partnerships.

“Since the start of this agreement, Sabre has worked closely with Infiniti to deliver a solution that will drive value for global airlines,” said Darren Rickey, vice president of Sabre AirVision. “This innovative technology is equipped with advanced, next-generation group revenue management capabilities that will effectively expedite business decision-making processes and help airlines realize total revenue optimization.”

“Infiniti and Sabre are committed to bringing this best-in-class solution to market that offers enhanced capabilities and unparalleled performance,” said Ananth Narasimhan, CEO of Infiniti Software Solutions. “Sabre’s new solution utilizes our state-of-the-art technology to deliver on the promise of a more efficient and powerful group reservation solution.”

In the nine years that it has been in business, Infiniti has created a number of innovative tools for _corporate travel management , expense management and airline SME bookings. “We have always believed in being creators, not traders, and this is what drives us to devise products like GroupRM that have global relevance and acceptance,” Narasimhan said.


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