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Aircraft Recognition Training Simulator Launched by Axis Aerospace & Technologies Ltd.

New Delhi, February 6, 2014: Historically, aircraft recognition plays a crucial role in the battlefield to understand the air situation and avoid fracticide. Identification of ‘friend and foe’ is as old as the air warfare, dating back to World War 1. However, a new era in aircraft recognition, has changed the way soldiers prepare for war.
Axis Aerospace & Technologies Ltd (AAT), a leading Indian company offering Hi-Tech products and solutions to Defence, Aerospace and Homeland Security needs announced their Air Recognition Training Simulator (ARTS), at the Defexpo 2014. This is a unique class room training simulator developed for the Ministry of Defence, keeping in mind worldwide requirement of a realistic operational battlefield training.
ARTS is a 3D training tool which trains Air Defence operators to use WEFT Methodology to identify the major features of an aircraft – the Wings, Engines (s), Fuselage, and Tail features of fighters, helicopters, UAV’s and transporters. This training tool prepares soldiers for a battle like environment by enabling them to identify and differentiate enemy aircrafts by sight, and sound.
The system projects the aircraft in operational air situations under various flight and attack profiles under realistic battlefield situation with realistic surround sound, vastly improving the war wothiness of air defence operators. ARTS is a training value multiplier in preparation for war, as compared to the traditional methods of memorising pictures and salient features. This networked system comprises of an instructor and several student console.
“Using our technical expertise development systems, Air Defence Operators can provide accurate war situation reports to enable impregnable Air Defence of the country and protect our borders by unmistakably identifying enemy intent and reporting the same to decision making echelons in real time. Armed with the ability to distinguish all military aircrafts, this is the most comprehensive training solution in the world market till date.” said Sudhakar Gande, Vice Chairman, Axis Aerospace & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
He further added, Multinational Defence OEMs will see our ability to contribute more than the mandatory 30% Indian content and Offsets in the Buy (Indian) and Buy (Global) categories respectively. AAT is willing to invest in cutting edge technologies for developing self reliance in Defence production and providing cost effective production in India for our foreign partners.


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