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MMRCA deal: EADS ups ante

Bengaluru: Defence minister A K Antony has announced his intentions to stave off political pressure from countries in race for the $11.5 billion medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) contract, but one European consortium believes in flaunting its political connections along with technological superiority to clinch the deal.
The defence ministers of Germany and United Kingdom visited the pavilion of EADS at Aero India 2011 along with air force chiefs and diplomats, a move described by Yves Guillaume, Chief Executive Officer-EADS (India) as “show of unity” in support of Eurofighter Typhoon, one of the six contenders for the mega bucks acquisition. “We know it is always a combination of choice of technology and political decisions that guide such purchases, not only for Eurofighter but others”, he told Deccan Chronicle.
11/02/11 Deccan Chronicle

BAE Displays Model of Navalized Typhoon for India

Bangalore: BAE Systems responded to an Indian Navy request for information on a new naval fighter last year with an offer based on the Typhoon combat jet.
BAE Systems responded to an Indian Navy request for information on a new naval fighter with an offer based on the Typhoon combat jet.
At the Aero India 2011 show, which opened here Feb. 9, the company took the wraps off what it thinks an Indian naval Typhoon might look like. The design may be aimed squarely at the Indians, but with questions still being asked by some sections of the U.K. government over the price of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), which is destined to equip a new Royal Navy aircraft carrier, the re-emergence of the naval Typhoon was a reminder options do exist.
Asked about the naval Typhoon at the show, Peter Luff, the British defense minister visiting Aero India in support of London’s increasing export drive, ruled out interest in any platform other than the Joint Strike Fighter.
Paul Hopkins, BAE’s vice president of air business development, said the work done on the naval Typhoon was solely geared toward the Indian Navy.
That said, the previous Labour administration eyed a navalized Typhoon as a possible plan B during negotiations with the U.S. over JSF technology transfer, and some of the work supporting the Indian request for information stems from that period.
Pictures displayed by BAE showed an aircraft model with a number of modifications compared to the land-based Typhoon being offered to the Indian Air Force in a contest to provide a medium, multirole combat aircraft. Most obvious is the conformal tanks and thrust vectoring nozzles, but other more subtle changes included a beefed-up undercarriage, some strengthening of the airframe and other requirements needed to take Typhoon to sea.
09/02/11 Andrew Chuter/Defense News

Eurofighter reveals offer to produce navalised Typhoon

The Eurofighter consortium is offering India the opportunity to acquire a new version of its Typhoon for use from a future indigenous aircraft carrier, with the first firm details of the proposal having emerged at the show.
One of six contenders battling for the Indian air force’s 126-aircraft medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) deal, Eurofighter is here touting the potential of a navalised development which has already been studied in detail in the UK.
“If Typhoon wins MMRCA then India will have the indigenous skills to develop a navalised version,” says Paul Hopkins, BAE Systems’ vice-president business development (air) India. “This is a perfect opportunity for the nation to add aircraft with both land and sea capabilities.”
Being shown in model form for the first time this week, the European type would receive several new features to support its proposed life at sea. These include a new, stronger landing gear, a modified arrestor hook and thrust-vectoring control nozzles for its two Eurojet EJ200 turbofan engines. The latter would enable the fighter to approach the vessel at a reduced speed without restricting pilot vision by requiring an increased angle of attack.
Eurofighter says only localised strengthening would be required on some fuselage sections near the landing gear, and to the EJ200. Conformal fuel tanks could also be integrated with the airframe to extend the strike aircraft’s range.
09/02/11 Craig Hoyle/Flight Global