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India and Russia have finalised the Russian PAKFA aircraft

Sukhoi-T50 fighter aircraftA Sukhoi-T50 fighter aircraft, the Russian PAKFA aircraft has been finalized by India and Russia as the base design model for their $6 billion Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) programme.
This deal does not indicate that India’s prospects of joining American F-35 fifth generation fighter programme come to an end. India has to select 126 Medium weight Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCAs) with a budget of $10 billion.
This is the costliest deal of Indian defense system till date and Americans who have come to Aero India 2011 were little confused with Boeing’s F/A 18 Super Hornet and Lockheed Martin’s F-16 IN Super Viper and is considering which one of the two will seal the deal. Air Chief PV Naik is expecting to close the deal by September this year.
12/02/11 Mitra Pathak/

Is India flying back into Russia’s arms?

Bangalore: India and Russia have finalised the Russian PAKFA aircraft —a Sukhoi-T50 fighter aircraft — as the base design model for their $6 billion Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) programme. This has not just dealt a death-knell to any prospects of India joining the American F-35 fifth generation fighter programme, but also indicates the nature of things to come on India’s final selection of the $10 billion deal to procure 126 Medium weight Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCAs).
And it does not appear bright for the Americans who have come to Aero India 2011 with Boeing’s F/A 18 Super Hornet and Lockheed Martin’s F-16 IN Super Viper – seriously considered as the two of which one would finally clinch the costliest Indian defence deal till date, which, according to Air Chief PV Naik, would be signed by September this year.
Globally, defence experts and critics are reading too much into the absence of MiG-35 at Aero India 2011 from which it pulled out just a week ahead of the commencement of the event on February 9.
But the Russian delegations visiting Aero India 2011 in Bangalore have confirmed that though their contender for the MMRCA deal, MiG-35, was the only one from the six contenders to have pulled out from the air show, the MMRCA selection committee members as well as defence experts were witness to a series of demonstrations by MiG-35 which also carried out extreme manoeuvres in Indian as well as Russian conditions. Sources said the aerial manoeuvres demonstrated also involved “some which would not have been allowed to be carried out at any of the air shows” and that the Indian side were “thoroughly impressed”.
12/02/11 Nirad Mudur/Daily News & Analysis

Sukhoi’s passenger jet vies for space

Chennai/ Bangalore: Sukhoi, better known for its fighter jets in India, has this time brought its newly-developed medium-haul aircraft to the Aero India 2011 and has left the people looking at it in disbelief. can a fighter jet maker build a passenger aircraft?
With its eyes on India and South-East Asia, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 medium-haul aircraft has been brought to the Aero India. Made by Russia’s leading aircraft producer Sukhoi, which is part of the United Aircraft Corporation, UAC, has been brought in to give the potential customers a dekko at the new kid on the block.
The aircraft is now vying for marketshare in perhaps the most-happening segment. The Superjet 100 project is a family of medium-range passenger aircraft developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau in cooperation with major American and European aviation corporations.
It is in direct competition with the Mitsubishi regional jet, the Embraer, Bombardier among others. India too is trying to develop an aircraft for the segment with its RTA.
12/02/11 Business Standard

Russia may deliver first upgraded MiG to India in 2011

Russia could deliver the first modernized MiG-29 fighter jet to India as early as in 2011, the head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said on Wednesday.
India signed a $960 million contract with Russia in 2008 to upgrade its five squadrons of 69 MiG-29 fighters, which have been in service with the Indian Air Force (IAF) since mid-1980s.
“The first upgraded plane, I think, will be delivered in 2011,” Mikhail Pogosyan said on the sidelines of the Aero India 2011 air show, which opened on Wednesday in Bangalore.
“The whole upgrade program will be carried out on schedule agreed with the Indian side, and it will take several years to implement it,” Pogosyan said.
The upgrades include a new avionics kit, with the N-109 radar being replaced by a Phazatron Zhuk-M radar. The aircraft is also being equipped to enhance beyond-visual-range combat ability and for air-to-air refueling to increase flying time.
10/02/11 Ria Novosti

Russia introduces new helicopters to Indian aviation market

Russian Helicopters, the subsidiary of United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom, presented its lineup at the 8th International Exhibition on Aerospace, Defence & Civil Aviation Aero India 2011 – the premier air show in the region.
The exposition at Stand A 26 showcased the light multi-role Ka-226T, medium civil Mi-17 helicopters, the all-weather Ka-32A11BC, heavy Mi-26T2, and the Mi-28NE – the export variation of the cutting-edge Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter that is in service with the Russian Army.
Several contracts were signed with Indian civil helicopter operators in 2010, for the delivery of 4 Mi-172 and 2 Ka-32A11BC helicopters. They will be delivered in 2011-2012. The Mi-172 is already certificated in India. The Ka-32A11BC also recently received certification in December 2010.  It was certificated by EASA in 2009.
The multi-role ??-32?11?? will make its debut in the region. The machines on display at the Air Show are being acquired by Global Vectra Helicorp. The company is planning to use them for cargo transportation and construction work in the civil segment. The first Ka-32A11BC is scheduled for delivery to India in 2011, and the second in 2012.
As of today, Russian Helicopters is the only official supplier of Russian civil helicopters to India; military helicopters are supplied by FSUE Rosoboronexport.
09/02/11 Shephard