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U.S. most advanced stealth fighter F-22 likely to join final day’s air show in India

Bangalore:  The U.S. most sophisticated stealth fighter F-22 will arrive here to participate in the final day’s air show, said a U.S. aeronautical official on Friday.
The U.S. will only dispatch one F-22 to fly to India for the air show Aero India 2011 that began on Wednesday, and the F-22 will be only showcased as a static display instead of flying display, said the official, who was participating in the air show as a member of a U.S aeronautical team.
According to the report by the Indian newspaper Indian Express before the air show, two F-22s were set to make its debut during Aero India 2011 in Bangalore. An official from the Indian Defense Ministry confirmed F-22 was likely to appear at the air show.
F-22 is not only the U.S. most advanced stealth fighter with the radar cross section of merely a steel marble, also the most advanced stealth fighter in the world. It entered the U.S. Air Force service in Dec,2005, and it could carry out the tasks of air- to-air and air-to-ground attacks with the precision-guided weapons.