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Rrapidly growing African MRO market poses new challenges

In the short run most African airlines are planning on both rapidly renewing and expanding their existing fleets. Introducing such new generation aircraft as B737, B777 or B787 Dreamliner will result in massive maintenance service improvements and a much higher demand for more effective technical personnel and pilot training solutions. According to experts, the … Continue reading »

Data Shows Bridging Courses Needed for Eastern to Western Aircraft Types Retraining

The Russian – Western European Pilot Training Data Analysis launched at European Airline Training Symposium 2011 (EATS 2011) by Baltic Aviation Academy (BAA), states that 85% of 150 pilots retrained from Russian to Western European aircraft types in BAA during 2011, needed additional focus on Western approach for the teamwork in the cockpit. This might … Continue reading »

FL Technics Training: developing technologies in Africa call for superior skilled technical personnel

The International Monetary Fund predicts that in the next five years Africa will be one of the 10 most rapidly growing economies in the world. The World Bank expects that as early as next year the region’s economy will go up by approx. 5.5%. Global aviation industry is constantly stiffening safety regulations and companies all … Continue reading »

Pilot psychological readiness is the underlying factor in a pilot’s career

Although these days aircraft are being equipped with increasingly modern technologies 70% of air accidents can still be attributed to human error. For quite a while now commercial carriers have assumed the responsibility for ensuring that only both physically and mentally prepared pilots operate flights. However, the extremely intense and attention demanding position also requires … Continue reading »