The men who orchestrate Yelahanka aerial symphony

Bangalore: The Bangalore-based Aircraft and System Testing Establishment (ASTE) may not be as popular as the fighter jets or for that matter the men behind them. However, this team is the one, which orchestrates the numerous aerobatic stunts and scintillating manoeuvres that the audiences get to see at the Aero India show.
The ASTE team, apart from overseeing the flight display is also entrusted with the job of ensuring flight safety when the fighter jets perform their dog fights and other maneouvers in front of hundreds of spectators.
“We are the nerve centre of the Aero India all flight operations are monitored by us. We observe closely how the aircraft take-off and land in order to ensure that they not defy safety rules,” said Group Captain N Tiwari, the flight display director of Aero India 2011.
He said that, on an average, about 40 aircraft take-off and land during the show and that the team has been put up at the Air Force Station Yelahanka (AFSY) since February 7, the day the aircraft starting arriving at the air base.
12/02/11 Hemanth CS/Daily News & Analysis

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