Breathtaking manoeuvres are missing this year, rue visitors

There were heart-stopping moments. These were interspersed with heart-dropping moments as well. The eighth edition of Bangalore’s flagship event, Aero India 2011, opened to mixed reactions. The first-timers sat with their hearts in their mouths. But those who had seen Aero India before and enjoyed all that, said that the manoeuvres were not enough.
But everyone sat with their eyes glued to the skies as Surya Kirans, Tejas and Grippens soared in the skies and matched the sweltering sun rays with their aerobatics.
The inaugural show had the VVIPs from the armed forces, those holding high posts in the aviation industry and the aviation enthusiasts in full attendance. Ratan Tata was spotted among the guests and so was minister Shobha Karandlaje.
Metrolife interacted with the people at the show and asked them what impressed them the most. Many spoke about the variety of aircraft while others picked out the manoeuvres that they particularly liked and wished they could see them all over again.
The many press releases being passed around were proof that several business deals had been struck on the opening day and the exhibition stalls too seemed to have visitors trooping in through the day.
09/02/11 Nina C George/Deccan Herald

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