Friday, February 02, 2007

Bangalore: Prepare for a battle of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) at the international aerospace exposition "Aero India 2007" here on February 7. Making its first international public debut outside the United Kingdom will be HERTI, one of the world's first fully autonomous UAVs developed by BAe Systems. This new generation of UAV is suited for military and civil operations.
HERTI has the ability to take off, complete a full mission and land, all at the click of a computer mouse. It is designed to meet a variety of operational needs with cost efficiency and high levels of reliability. There is no need for an operator or pilot to control the aircraft from the ground. This UAV is from a family of unmanned air vehicles being developed by BAe Systems through its Autonomous Systems and Future Capability, Integrated System Technologies and Australian businesses.
At the Bangalore air show, the HERTI and its unique ground control station will be showcased in its production configuration.
On the air show agenda is a demonstration of HERTI's autonomous mission system capability through a fully operational ground station, which will replay, in real time, missions carried out during the UAV's extensive flight test programme.
01/02/07 Rasheed Kappan/The Hindu

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