Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Boulder, Colorado: Korry Electronics and Anark today announced a partnership to create a sophisticated 3D product and aircraft visualization tool. This solution will be used to interactively display the Korry line of custom-built control panels embedded within a virtual aircraft cockpit. This marketing-focused application will augment existing customer communication capabilities by providing highly detailed product images that emphasize individual component attributes and enhance consistency in product messaging.
Korry has developed a multi-tiered distribution plan for the new visualization application. Public displays will be offered at two upcoming aerospace tradeshows, Aero India and the 2007 Paris Air Show. This will be complemented by one-on-one sales presentations, internal product familiarization, and executive overviews.
“With our growing list of aerospace manufacturing customers, the upcoming Paris Air Show will be introduced to a whole new level of product visualization,” noted Anark CEO Stephen Collins.
23/01/07 Ten Links (press release), US

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