Monday, February 16, 2009

Bangalore: A speeding Formula SAE car in an air show amidst the best fighter aircraft is indeed an unfamiliar sight.
But, that was what the large crowd that had come to the Aero India 2009 venue got to see, a maroon Formula car speeding between two barricades at the display area on Sunday.
The Formula car PM408 built by Team HAYA, a group of automobile enthusiasts from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of People’s Education Society Institute of Technology (PESIT), is the first-ever race car to be displayed in the air show.
The PM408 which was on static display for the first four days of the air show in one of the exhibition halls had a slew of visitors which included Tata Chairman Ratan Tata, who apart from interacting with the students also gave them a few tips on how they can improve their performance in the upcoming FSAE ITALY 2009, in which they will taking part.
Team HAYA which was to take part in the elite Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE)-Australasia competition, held in November last year, could not do so due to technical snags.
“That failure was one of the main reasons why we brought the car to Aero India, where most of the visitors have an expertise in technology and we wanted to get their views,” he said.
“The car’s highlight is the custommade automatic button shift for fast and efficient transmission, all of which make PM409, the first-of-itskind in this part of the world. The car is to touch around 200 kmph with an acceleration of 0-100 kmph in less than 3.5 seconds,” Bafna added.
16/02/09 ExpressBuzz


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bangalore: The visitors at Aero India 2009 were enthralled after witnessing a virtual battlefield that looked straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi flick.
The show that was directed and produced by Nissan Belkin, general manager of Telemedia Co- Israel, showcases military equipment and their uses, including battle field management, integrated infantry combat system, robotic systems, laser systems, thermal imaging, head- up displays, stabilised payloads and communication systems.
Nissan said that the show was conceived to display the capabilities of Elbit systems. “It is a unique way of grabbing attention and nothing can explain avionics better,” he said.
A visitor said that, “At least thirty people gather around every time the show starts and when it is done, they are still there.” Defence equipment, gear, addons were all there but what really hooked the visitors was the holographic projection of combat environment as seen from a cockpit displaying some of the most advanced war equipment in a virtual environment.
Many science fiction movies have had holograms as plot devices, especially futuristic uses of them. Case in point is Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Total Recall’, in which the hologram is put to use by the protagonist by creating a second image of himself. Holography also finds application in the fields of data storage, security, art, dynamic holography and cubic dimensions.
14/02/09 Jayadevan P K/ExpressBuzz

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bangalore : Like it or not, Suman Sharma, who was the first civilian woman to fly the F-16IN Super-Viper also became the first woman in the world to fly the MiG-35, just minutes after Rakesh Sharma flew the F-18 Super Hornet on Friday at the Yelahanka air base as part of Aero India 2009.
MiG Aircrafts head Mikhail Globenko told TOI: "She is the first woman to fly on the MiG-35. Two reasons convinced us to fly her -- this aircraft is extremely safe and MiG pilots are remarkable. We knew she would be in a safe aircraft and in safe hands. We showed that in 2007 display too. And then we found she was brave, physically fit and ready to take the flight. We have in fact invited her for the Moscow air show in August."
Suman's flight comes in the context of Russian air force not having women fighter pilots at the moment and Russian women not having flown the aircraft. Interestingly, the flight happened on Friday the 13th. "It is a coincidence that we flew her on a military aircraft when we don't have women fighter pilots."
In the rush of personalities that this aero show has seen, Suman who first flew the F-16IN was followed by Abhinav Bindra on the F-16IN and Rakesh Sharma on the F-18. Now Suman herself was back again but this time on the MiG-35.
Suman said MiG authorities were convinced that she could fly as co-pilot and take the gravitational pull as she had already experienced the flight on the F-16 IN. "It was a 42-minute ride and was exciting. We did 20,000 feet at 0.9 mach. The pilot was conversing with me in English and asked me how I felt throughout."
Suman and her pilot did the side rolls and the 360 degree turns and high angle of attack for the manouvres and pulled 7G which has been the highest in this personality-driven flights. "I think the MiG 35 is about power -- tremendous power. You can feel it in flight. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is twin engine. The stability and agility seemed remarkable with all the weight."
14/02/09 Prashanth G N/Times of India

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Bangalore: After touching Olympic heights in Beijing just a few months ago, Abhinav Bindra soared to a new high in a fighter aircraft to join the select list of Indians, including Ratan Tata, who have flown the F-16.
Abhinav touched 20,000 feet in a F-16 IN Super Viper, a fourth-generation fighter from the workshop of American company Lockheed Martin. He was thrilled after an hour-long flight.
The ash-coloured single-engine fighter, which the company got here on lease from the UAE Air Force, rolled off the tarmac at 4.51 pm. In six minutes, it soared above with India's pride on the navigator's seat.
"I've never felt like this before. After Olympics, this was the most exhilarating experience. It was a fantastic feeling,'' said Bindra, who wore a dark-blue flying suit. Piloting Bindra's joyride was Lockheed's test-pilot Paul Randall, who has clocked 4,500 hours of flying time on various F-16 models.
"We went away from the airfield, pulled off a lot of Gs, up to 6.5 Gs. We did some manoeuvres like turns and rolls. And we flew past the clouds at 20,000 feet and almost hit the speed of sound,'' Randall said, giving 10/10 to the gold medalist.
Bindra also had the privilege of manning the flight for a few minutes.
"He made me comfortable. I got extensive briefing ahead of the flight. I attended the medicals in New Delhi on Tuesday and today I was on the simulator for 45 minutes,'' Bindra said.
The Super Viper, called the Ferrari of fighters, can reach 50,000 feet and is capable of flying at speeds just over two machs — twice the speed of sound.
13/02/09 Times of India

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Olympic gold winner Abhinav Bindra is all set to fly high. Bindra will be flying in an F-16 at the Bangalore air show on Thursday and is quite excited at the prospect.
CNN-IBN: What are your preparations?
Abhinav Binmdra: I had an extensive medical examination on Tuesday, but after that nothing else.
CNN-IBN: Are you nervous? Will you be able to sleep tonight?
Abhinav Binmdra: I'm not nervous. And I generally sleep alright so I hope to have a peaceful night.
CNN-IBN: Have you done anything extreme like taking a ride in F-16?
Abhinav Binmdra: No not really. I did a few things prior to the Olympics. But this is absolutely different and I've never attempted to doa thing like this. It's something new for me, it's a new experience. I'm looking forward to it.
12/02/09 Abhir VP/CNN-IBN

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Bangalore: It's a sign of heights women can achieve and careers they can pursue. While one woman in the IAF is making rapid progress for a date with the Sukhoi aircraft and soon be the first woman co-pilot on the SU-30, two others are following suit.
Savita Barala from Jaipur, now serving in Agra, just graduated as the first woman navigator in the IAF and is ready to take on navigation training on the SU-30 MKI. Inspired by her, two young women joined IAF as navigators and are undergoing training.
Defence officials at Aero India told TOI: "Savita has just graduated as navigator on the Avro and AN-32. She may soon take up navigation on the SU-30 too. She has the ability to train on fighter aircraft. She may even fly the SU-30 in the near future."
At a time when other air forces in the world have inducted women, India is not to be left behind. Defence officials said women officers will not only navigate, but be trained in carpet bombing and parachute dropping as a prelude to training on more complex weapon systems. "The two other women navigators too may also train on the SU-30," officials said.
Three women navigators is a great beginning for IAF's plans to open up combat roles for women. As one SU-30 pilot put it: "The pilot will be busy flying the aircraft according to parameters set by the navigator, which is crucial for identification of targets. The navigator will also have a role to play in air-to-ground missile attacks although missile training has not been taken up yet. Navigation is a serious role. You're pitched headlong into combat on a fighter aircraft. What better high can one have?"
12/02/09 Times of India

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bangalore: For the first time, pilots in Aero India will hold classes for students. Schools in Yehlahanka have been invited for the sessions involving pilots who would take the class just after coming out of the cockpit.
"The idea to let students interact with pilots is new. We plan to have 200 students every day during the interactive session," Kumar said.
After performing aerobatics, the pilots will go to designated halls and take questions from students and explain them basics of flying, how pilots train and what it takes to become a pilot.
"The IAF has an arrangement with the education department, and the latter will bring the students. We want students to take interest in science. Young minds will be easily fascinated by pilots and aircraft," Kumar explained.
According to him, most students want to become pilots but there should be right conditions in place to help them become pilots.
11/02/09 Times of India

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bangalore: Scenes of the world’s best air warriors indulging in dog fights and aerobatic displays will be a common feature during the Aero India 2009.
Locking horns with these fighter and display pilots will be celebrities from India attired in G-suits and co-piloting some of the most lethal fighter jets during the bi-annual aero show to be held from February 11 to 15 at the Air Force Station, Yelahanka.
Foreign participants who will be displaying their most potent aircraft are keen on having celebrities in their aircraft cockpits and also taking them on sorties during the aero show.
US aviation major Lockheed Martin which will have the F-16 and the C130J aircraft on the flying display side during Aero India, has said that it is keen to invite a few guests to co-pilot its aircraft.
“We have invites right now to some special people, but have no firm names as of yet,” Lockheed Martin Officials in India confirmed to The Express.
The US Embassy in New Delhi is said to have already sent invites to a few guests to fly the test or co-pilot the aircraft of some of the American companies which will be taking part during Aero India.
While the list of Indian celebrities is awaited, the speculation is that flying enthusiasts and industrialists, including those involved in the aviation industry, will don the G-suits.
Among the companies and aircraft which are keen to have the guest pilots on board are those which are lobbying hard to bag the contract for the 126 multi-role combat aircraft which the Indian Air Force (IAF) plans to acquire.
During the last edition of Aero India in 2007, Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata co-piloted the F-16 and also Boeing’s F-18 Super Hornet. Both the companies are in the race for bagging the contract to supply 126 multi-role combat aircraft, as IAF plans to conduct flight trials in March.
29/01/09 Hemanth CS/ExpressBuzz

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