Monday, February 16, 2009

Israel's avionics specialist, RADA Electronic Industries Ltd., is unveiling its latest line of Inertial Navigation Systems at Aero-India: high precision, yet affordable systems designed for airborne, unmanned and expendable applications.
RADA's range of INS on display at Aero-India 2009 includes:
• R-100F: Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-Based system
• R-200M: Compact, MEMS-Based, multiple-sensor aided INS
• MAVINS: Modular, All-in-One Avionics and MEMS-Based INS
RADA's navigation-grade, Embedded GPS-INS (EGI) R-100F solutions are applicable to new systems, retrofit and upgrade of aging platforms, replacing mechanical-gyro based units with modern, highly efficient and reliable FOG based solutions. The R-200M and MAVINS compact systems are uniquely built for integration into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and disposable applications.
RADA's navigation solutions introduce sophisticated and unique sensor fusion algorithms, embedding modular design principles for seamless integration into larger mission systems.
RADA’s avionics solutions and expertise are offered to and adapted by leading air forces and aerospace prime integrators worldwide, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Electric, HAL, Embraer, IAI, Rafael and many others.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bangalore: With India going into overdrive to secure its coastline in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks, US defence major Raytheon is positioning its airborne standoff radar (ASTOR) as the ideal solution for the country's homeland security.
"This may be something of interest to India. There's a lot of opportunity here," Mike Henchey, Raytheon's Vice President for space and airborne systems, said.
Pointing to the success achieved by the British defence ministry in operating the system, Henchey, who is here for Aero India-2009 that opened today, said he hoped to discuss its benefits with Indian officials during the five-day international air show.
The ASTOR system, Raytheon says, provides a highly effective 24-hour surveillance and target acquisition capability. It delivers wide area, all weather surveillance and reconnaissance imagery in near real time for peacekeeping, war fighting and homeland security needs.
Raytheon, which has had a presence in India for the past 60 years, views India's new policy for procuring military hardware as an opportunity for building long term partnerships that would benefit the country economically and industrially.
"We see the offsets clause as an opportunity for partnerships and we would be very pleased to work with our partners here," Henchey pointed out.
11/02/09 IANS/Sify

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