Monday, February 16, 2009

Israel's avionics specialist, RADA Electronic Industries Ltd., is unveiling its latest line of Inertial Navigation Systems at Aero-India: high precision, yet affordable systems designed for airborne, unmanned and expendable applications.
RADA's range of INS on display at Aero-India 2009 includes:
• R-100F: Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-Based system
• R-200M: Compact, MEMS-Based, multiple-sensor aided INS
• MAVINS: Modular, All-in-One Avionics and MEMS-Based INS
RADA's navigation-grade, Embedded GPS-INS (EGI) R-100F solutions are applicable to new systems, retrofit and upgrade of aging platforms, replacing mechanical-gyro based units with modern, highly efficient and reliable FOG based solutions. The R-200M and MAVINS compact systems are uniquely built for integration into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and disposable applications.
RADA's navigation solutions introduce sophisticated and unique sensor fusion algorithms, embedding modular design principles for seamless integration into larger mission systems.
RADA’s avionics solutions and expertise are offered to and adapted by leading air forces and aerospace prime integrators worldwide, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Electric, HAL, Embraer, IAI, Rafael and many others.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bangalore: The visitors at Aero India 2009 were enthralled after witnessing a virtual battlefield that looked straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi flick.
The show that was directed and produced by Nissan Belkin, general manager of Telemedia Co- Israel, showcases military equipment and their uses, including battle field management, integrated infantry combat system, robotic systems, laser systems, thermal imaging, head- up displays, stabilised payloads and communication systems.
Nissan said that the show was conceived to display the capabilities of Elbit systems. “It is a unique way of grabbing attention and nothing can explain avionics better,” he said.
A visitor said that, “At least thirty people gather around every time the show starts and when it is done, they are still there.” Defence equipment, gear, addons were all there but what really hooked the visitors was the holographic projection of combat environment as seen from a cockpit displaying some of the most advanced war equipment in a virtual environment.
Many science fiction movies have had holograms as plot devices, especially futuristic uses of them. Case in point is Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Total Recall’, in which the hologram is put to use by the protagonist by creating a second image of himself. Holography also finds application in the fields of data storage, security, art, dynamic holography and cubic dimensions.
14/02/09 Jayadevan P K/ExpressBuzz

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Bangalore: In a shift that has Russia and Europe worried, Israel may have overtaken Russia as the biggest beneficiary of India's defence budget in the last two years, officials in the know said. Also worrying the Russians and the Europeans is the growing importance of the US for the Indian military.
Requesting anonymity, a senior official in the defence ministry said that Russia has been the biggest supplier to India's defence sector for decades.
But it may have lost out to Israel, which seems to have cornered a larger share of India's defence spend recently. "I don't have country-wise data but it may be due to differences over Gorshkov and other Russian programmes," the official said.
The Americans, too, have grabbed significant Indian deals. Worried over the developments, Europeans are hoping that India brings in more transparency and balance to its procurement process. Several European firms at the Aero India expressed concerns over the influence that politics has on the country's defence purchases. Of particular concern to them is the trend of purchases without a multi-tender process.
Over the past few years, India has entered into joint development of several missile systems with Israel as also procurement of top-end technologies without a tender process. After the November 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai, the two countries decided on the joint development of medium-range surface-to-air missiles (MRSAM) for the Air Force.
Another European executive said that some of the biggest deals India has signed with the US, too, have been without an open tendering process. Among them are the purchase of USS Trenton for the Navy and the purchase of C-130 J Hercules transport planes. These were done through the FMS route, meaning a government-to-government deal.
13/02/09 Josy Joseph/Daily News & Analysis

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bangalore: Even as the Indian Air Force (IAF) awaits the delivery of its first airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS), Israel is displaying a compact version of the system mounted on a business jet at the Aero India international air show that opened here on today.
India has purchased three Phalcon AWACS systems from Israel that will be mounted on the Russian-built IL-78 transport aircraft. What Israel is now offering is the third generation Conformal Airborne Early Warning and Control System (CAEWCS) fitted into a modified Gulfstream 550G business jet.
The Israeli offering has an endurance of nine hours, against the IL-78's six hours. This enabled the Gulfstream to fly non-stop from Israel to the Aero India venue at the Yelahanka Air Force Base here.
Based on dual-band technology, the radar was upgraded in 2008 and is being displayed for the first time in India.
11/02/09 IANS/Sify

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rafael is to form a joint company with India's Bharat Electronics to manufacture several of the Israeli company's air-to-air and air-to-surface weapon systems.
Negotiations about the establishment of the venture have reached "advanced stages", said Rafael's vice-president marketing Lova Drori in the lead-up to the 11-15 February Aero India 2009 show near Bangalore. The development is intended to enable Rafael to increase its sales in the Indian market, and to meet technology transfer and offset requirements.
Drori says the full line of aerial weapon systems manufactured by Rafael will be offered for local assembly and production by the joint company, and believes there is "huge" potential demand for the equipment.
10/02/09 Arie Egozi/Flight International

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is sending its Gulfstream G-550-based conformal airborne early warning and control (CAEW) system to the Aero India 2009 expo in Bangalore.
Developed by IAI's ELTA Systems subsidiary, the CAEWS has to date been ordered by Israel and Singapore, with the first Israeli platform being delivered in February 2008 and the second following in May 2008.
Singapore has ordered four such platforms that will be delivered through to 2010.
The CAEWS is equipped with the ELTA-built EL/W-2085 system, uses AESA antennae at the nose and tail, with large slab-sided arrays on the fuselage sides. Together, these give 360° airspace coverage without the complication and drag of a rotodome above the fuselage. Each CAEWS carries six operators, and also has ESM antennae under the tail and wingtips, and above the nose, with a SATCOM array atop the vertical tail. Radar, ESM and COMINT data is collected and fused to give a fully correlated and synthetic air situation picture. The aircraft’s structural, aerodynamic and power modifications, including two additional generators and a low-drag liquid cooling system, are all installed on the aircraft by Gulfstream Aerospace prior to delivery to ELTA, and the mission sensors/management suite is then installed in country by IAI’s Bedek Aviation Group.
The CAEWS offers an unrefuelled mission endurance of 9 hours when operating at an altitude of 41,000 feet (12,500 metres) and 185km (100nm) from its home base.

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