Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bangalore: Traffic snarls and irate tempers were on display on all roads leading to the Air Force Station at Yelahanka, that is playing host to Aero India 2009.
With the second Saturday turning out to be the first holiday for many since the commencement of the much publicised event, many Bangaloreans opted to make a “Family Day Out” event.
Not just visitors, even delegates had a tough time making their way into the fortified building. Air force authorities were engaged in the time-consuming but necessary task of subjecting all vehicles to stringent security checks at the entrance.
The cops in charge of regulating traffic appeared totally out of control. Many visitors were engaged in angry verbal exchanges with cops. Many with valid entry passes or tickets to the show were not permitted entry by the cops on the grounds that parking space inside the station was full. Some visitors who entered the ground and later ventured out for a break, were taken aback when they tried to get inside again. The fact that the ticket issued was valid for a single entry only, was something many did not know about.
Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic and Security) Praveen Sood said: “Traffic movement to the airshow was smooth and without any hitch. We had issued advisories to the public visiting the show through the media on parking instructions well in advance.”
Cars have been given park space at “Venkatala” near the venue, from where the BMTC’s Volvo buses ferry visitors to the entrance, he added. “Problems and confusion arise as people have not read or were unaware of the instructions we have issued.
15/0209 Deccan Herald

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