Friday, February 13, 2009

Bangalore: A splash of local flavour. Perhaps that was the subtle agenda. Or maybe the “phoren” women just wanted a taste of the Indian fashion curry. At the Aero India, several delegates were seen walking around in stilettos and Indian clothes, from the traditional salwar kameez to the sari draped in the most innovative fashion.
A tall Russian delegate with flaming orange hair and gold-embroidered sky blue saree that she draped around like a shawl, was an interesting sight among the crowd, the MiGs, the Mantis and the Sukhois.
In killer high heels, the Russian says `no' to a `Do you speak English?' query. Moments later, a group of young men approach her for a picture. This prompts others and soon, there is a line of people wanting to be photographed with her. The Russian prances about and eyes turn.
There were several others in salwar kameez. A major company was also playing a video of foreigners in Indian clothes performing to a Hindi movie song. Most aviation companies that are participating in the show have their female employees at the stalls, and many visitors were seen taking pictures with them. And they had no qualms obliging.
Pilots were there in uniform, getting pictures of themselves taken and also with visitors. From mobile phone cameras to high-end camera models, many at the show were shutter-bug happy, posing with the aircraft and the men who ruled them on the skies. Taking to the skies has been one of human civilization's `out there' fantasies. In a little way, the show at Yelahanka was fulfilling for everyone, in their own different ways.
13/02/09 Times of India


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