Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bangalore: The visitors at Aero India 2009 were enthralled after witnessing a virtual battlefield that looked straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi flick.
The show that was directed and produced by Nissan Belkin, general manager of Telemedia Co- Israel, showcases military equipment and their uses, including battle field management, integrated infantry combat system, robotic systems, laser systems, thermal imaging, head- up displays, stabilised payloads and communication systems.
Nissan said that the show was conceived to display the capabilities of Elbit systems. “It is a unique way of grabbing attention and nothing can explain avionics better,” he said.
A visitor said that, “At least thirty people gather around every time the show starts and when it is done, they are still there.” Defence equipment, gear, addons were all there but what really hooked the visitors was the holographic projection of combat environment as seen from a cockpit displaying some of the most advanced war equipment in a virtual environment.
Many science fiction movies have had holograms as plot devices, especially futuristic uses of them. Case in point is Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Total Recall’, in which the hologram is put to use by the protagonist by creating a second image of himself. Holography also finds application in the fields of data storage, security, art, dynamic holography and cubic dimensions.
14/02/09 Jayadevan P K/ExpressBuzz

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