Friday, February 13, 2009

A customized Russian Anton 32 aircraft, two advanced light helicopters (ALH) and a highly trained crew are ready to jump into action and launch rescue and relief operations during any mishaps during the Aero India at Air Force Station, Yelahanka. A32 is equipped with basic firstaid and 24 stretchers. In case of a disaster, while the ambulances on the ground will bring in casualties, the ALHs will perform search and rescue operations.
The Medical Control Centre will alert the team stationed at the northern end of the runway which will ready the aircraft within minutes after a briefing. The road leading to 24-designated hospitals including command hospitals will be cleared. Feeder ambulances will bring casualties to the aircraft and they will be given first aid and flown to HAL airport. Casualties will be taken to nearby hospitals from there.
The crew of the special team spoke to The New Indian Express and said that they were prepared for any kind of disaster.
“Our reaction time is 30 minutes. Our aircraft can land in all weather and on all surfaces. We have already obtained clearances and have priority landing at any place,” said Wing Commander Saravanan, who is the Chief Navigation Instructor of the team.
Wing Commander Sreekanth who has a flying experience of more than 4,000 hours will pilot A32 and Squadron Leader Anita Apte will co-pilot. Flight
Engineer, Sergeant Moond, will co-ordinate operations between the crew and others.
13/02/09 Hemanth C S and Jayadevan P K/ExpressBuzz

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