Spying enemy’s den at close range

The enemy is barely a few kilometres away, armed and dangerous. Lurking behind a hill, the Indian jawan launches a handheld micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and readies for action.
The micro UAV takes off without a buzz, hovers a few metres above the ground and gets behind enemy lines hoodwinking the radars. Moments later, the jawan is watching live detailed, graphic video-feeds transmitted from right above the enemy’s location!
Showing off these ultra-modern gadgets tested and proven in the conflict zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, British, American and Israeli firms were at the Aero-India 2013 wooing the Indian Armed Forces.
They had a rationale: The handheld mini and micro UAVs would be the game changer in situations such as the Kargil conflict, where the jawan faced the enemy in tough, challenging, hilly terrain.
India too had realised the micro UAV’s potential. The National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) had its ongoing projects, the Pushpak 450, Black Kite 300 and Golden Hawk 450 Micro Aerial Vehicles, the models of which were displayed prominently at the airshow.
10/02/13 Rasheed Kappan/Deccan Herald

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