On Day 2, families came in droves

If the inaugural day of the ninth edition of Aero India 2013 was a lacklustre affair, Day Two turned the tables totally.
Belieing the first day’s impression that the Aero India, after nine avataars, has reached its fatigue factor, was the full flow of families that thronged the exhibition site.
Dressed in their sartorial best, equipped with brollies in beautiful vibgyor hues, sporting sun-topis and berets of different shades and shapes, smartness personified they were there providing a full dress rehearsal of things to come during the next three days.
From promising cadets, young and aspiring students seeing aviation as a prospective career, proud parents of Air Force men, exhibitors, were all there to soak in the awesome, aerial display.
07/02/13 Deccan Hertald

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