India’s only ‘civilian’ medical evacuation copter

For all that talk about taking the nascent civilian helicopter market in India to soaring heights, here’s a piece of stark ground reality: There is only one “civilian” medical evacuation helicopter in the entire country! An Augusta Westland chopper, run by a private operator in Delhi, to be precise.
You couldn’t expect more in a country which has barely 300 civilian helicopters, out of a global market of 35,000.
Ninety-nine per cent of those 300 helicopters are into conventional transport. Thanks to the regulatory framework here, use of helicopters is non-existent in areas such as cargo, seismic inspection, emergency services, airborne law enforcement or electronic news gathering, a top official tracking copter trends in India told Deccan Herald at Aero India 2013.
10/02/13 Rasheed Kappan/Deccan Herald

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