Indian air force chief slams HAL trainers

The Indian air force’s most senior officer has cast further doubt on the future of the Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) HTT-40 basic trainer, and also criticised the company’s HJT-36 Sitara jet trainer during a media briefing at the Aero India show.
Although bad relations between HAL and its biggest customer, the Indian air force, have been reported for years, the event at Yelahanka air base, near Bengaluru, gave a unique glimpse into the differences between the two parties.
“We have the Pilatus PC-7 MkII trainer now,” says Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne. “It is a fully proven trainer flown by many countries globally. HAL’s project to make [the HTT-40] from scratch means that costs are bound to be higher. The Indian air force would also have to pay for research and development. In our view there is no need for this. We need to stick to one trainer, and we have advised the government of this.”
08/02/13 Flightglobal

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