Bangalore’s tractor mechanic’s flying marvel

Even as pilots from all over the world showcased their aerobatic skills, it was the proficiency of a tractor mechanic that stood out on day four of the Aero India 2013.
Pradip S Mohite, 28, a tractor mechanic by profession, from Sangli district, Maharashtra, has developed a helicopter using automobile components. A class IX dropout, he has used a Maruti 800 engine to power the chopper’s rotors, controlled by automobile brake cables. According to him, a tractor battery is used to start the engine and an automobile speedometer meets his monitoring requirements.
The chopper’s main and tail rotors have two blades each. The helicopter weighs 380 kg (including one pilot). Mohite’s chopper managed to take off from ground on July 7 last year.
10/02/13 Daily News & Analysis

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